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Here's a Mystic Ranger~!


That moan came from a young woman with a flowing cape and clothing that didn't match the time period. She actually arrived by flying out of one of the trees in the area park and landed flat on her face. Slowly, she got into a sitting position and pulled out what looked like a cell phone.

"Guys? Can you hear me?"

(OOC: Here's Madison~! Open to anyone.)

And in drops a new Kim.

Kim drops pretty hard from teleporting. Usually she lands pretty neatly but today... totally not her day. Last thing she remembered, she and her friends were happily greet Zordon again after getting back from Phaedos and kicking Ooze butt. Shouldn't she be, you know, still there? And not sitting in the dirt in front of the Youth Center?

Yeah, totally not her day. Getting to her feet and dusting the dirt from her skirt, she headed inside and glanced around. If she was here, the other totally had to be, right? She knew teleporting and that was from using the Morphin Grid to do it. At least, it felt like it.

Still, her main concern was that the city was in one piece, (which was totally weird considering all the damage Ivan had done) and she could totally go for a milkshake while she thought over what was going on.

A meadow somewhere

It's early morning, the sun just barely rising in the sky and the grass still glistening beautifully with dew, even the woodland creatures were still asleep. Yet, somehow....the sound of a young woman could be heard singing a song about the beauty of nature. To look at her, one would consider such a pretty young woman dressed all in white with a wreath of freshly picked flowers about her head, would be some sort of nature deity and in fact, that wasn't so far from the truth. She seemed to walk with all the grace of a princess, with a smile that could light up her entire face as she sings, her beautiful voice soaring. Gradually, the sight of a large green deer zord could be seen, snuffling and snorting, obviously pleased with the song. She and the deer zord seemed familiar with each other, as she stopped just in front of him, a tiny figure next to the huge wild zord.

Hanging out on the beach

Justin hugged his knees as he stared out at the waves crashing against the shore. He frowned as he wondered just how much long he and the other would be stuck here. When would he see his friends that were back home, from his point in time? When would he see Storm Blaster again? His father, he really missed calling and checking up on his father everyday.

Idly he glanced down at the bag with the textbooks he'd found. He already read through them and was more than prepared for the finals that were waiting for him when he got back home. Of course being here wasn't all bad. He had friends and he'd come to know rangers he hadn't met before.

OTA: timed to Wednesday afternoon

The problem with a small town such as Angel Grove  was that the crime rate was nothing more than an occasional robbery. Kimberly knew this was supposed to be a good thing, but compared to the sorts of crime she faced in LA, she could almost consider herself bored.

It was for this reason why she was thrilled when her package arrived in the mail. A few weeks ago, she sent in for a few boot knives: fitted so they could be worn inside her boot, they came in handy on the occasion when she ran out of arrows (or bullets). Part of her considered giving them to Trini, but she wasn't too positive if the young woman would accept them or not. In any case, the knives weren't sharp when she pulled them out of their packaging, and a dull knife was a useless one.
That was where the afternoon found Kimberly, sitting at a picnic table and sharpening one of the two knives. She was dressed in her police gear, save her SWAT armor, and the leather bag containing her archery gear.

Still, she had to admit that such peaceful days were a rare blesshing-considering both her career as a ranger and police officer.

The great thing about living near a beach is that the atmosphere is perfect for a party. You have the surf for wild summer games, the sand for relaxing or volleyball, the nightly firepit for roasting and storytelling, and...well, the fireworks. Even knowing exactly how they're produced, they're still a wondrous sight to see.

Which is why Billy didn't entirely mind being drafted to help the local activities committee set up this last party of the summer. He was in charge of setting up the fireworks area, and that suited him just fine. The area was cleared, kept far away from residential area and gatherings of people, and for once in this town, safety regulations were followed to the letter. Yes, this would be a fine evening.

Once it was done, Billy made his way through the dunes to the beach area, where picnic tables, sandcastles, and surfboards awaited. His partner on the committee thanked him with an over-enthusiastic hug, leaving him flustered and oddly confused. With any luck, the others would arrive late enough to not see any of that and to dive straight into the action.

Come on in, the water's fine! No, seriously, it is. No aquatic-originating monsters today.

((I'm sorry I disappeared for so long, but I honestly got busy with work and my main game. I should be back now, hopefully, if anyone's left and wants to play.))

Lost in Space and Time

Trip knew he was no stranger to odd happenings. He traveled 999 years into the past, got sucked into a movie dimension and even fought an evil knight. But being back in Silver Hills was just surreal. Outwardly, he wondered if this was some silly prank by Kokuwamon... "Kokuwamon. If this was some prank to get me kiss Yuki again, I'm going to hurt you. Yuki and I are just friends. That's all!"

[ooc:this particular version of Trip is much older (26) and spent the better part of two and a half years in a place called the Digital World. So he may know some Rangers and other people that he really shouldn't know. He's also holding a couple of strange devices, one of which on his hip. Just fyi.]

This is like so totally awesome (Open!)

After getting Kimberly acquainted with her new hotel room, Trini was eager to help the older version of her best friend furnish it with belongings. If they were going to live here for a while, they needed to make the space their own.

It was only a few blocks and a quick turn away from the hotel, luckily. They were soon standing in front of a massive white building, people bustling by and stores with every need you could name listed on the board outside.

If Kimberly couldn't find her needs met here? That would be a sign that something was very, very wrong.

As they approached, Trini wondered if they might find any fellow mall travelers. It was a large and crowded place, after all.


Kim was no stranger to appearing in new places: 1890s Angel Grove, the Village in the middle of Nowhere, and now this.

This was different though, she was sure of it. For one thing, none of those places included her being surrounded by pink sparks as though she had teleported-she couldn't teleport though, not anymore. Secondly, she had found herself seemingly 'back' in Angel Grove, more specifically Angel Grove park, and in the middle of the day when it was only night a moment ago.

"Alright, this has already gotten way old." She said to herself as she pulled off her cap. If any tengas got in her way, she'd show them she wasn't one to be messed with.

Right now though, she'd see if the outside cafe near Ernie's was still open. Fourteen hour shifts tended to make a woman hungry.

ooc: This Kimberly's from ten years after she's left canon and from after she's left the village inhearts_andminds so her memories are different from Kimberly in Canon. She's also carrying why looks like a heavy duty briefcase, but it actually contains the different parts of her sniper rifle.
Ashley was not happy. Here she was stuck inside on a balmy spring afternoon, with noting to do. It had gotten so bad that she'd caught up on all her schoolwork already; she was now pumped so full of neurons and protons that she could have given a NASA scientist a run for his money! Or something.

Wait! Was that the bell?!