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A dressing room-style open RPG for past, present, and future Power Rangers

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One day, you were going about your business in the universe as usual. Perhaps you are a Power Ranger, chosen defender of the planet. Maybe you're a villain, scheming to destroy, conquer, or otherwise appropriate the resources of the universe. Or maybe you're a mentor, wise and true---or manipulative. It could happen!

And if you're your everyday bully? Guess what, you're coming along for the ride too. Giant monsters are on the attack, and it's up to you: be them, fight them, or help them. What path will you choose? Whatever the choice, hurry up! We only have a half hour's time to get this done.

This is the Morphin Grid, the one and only dressing room for the characters of the Power Rangers universe. All characters from all seasons are welcome here---Zordon, Tommy, Bulk, Skull, Zedd, Dillon, Dr. K, Venjix...even that one kid from episode 524 can be found in this generic adventure town. If they've appeared in Power Rangers, they're welcome here. Period. Even Masked Rider and the Ninja Turtles.

Well, what are you waiting for? Teleport in, morph into action, and let's play!

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The characters and universe of Power Rangers is the exclusive property of Saban Entertainment The Walt Disney Company Saban Group, with some elements from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie property of 20th Century Fox. None of the players here are officially associated with the Power Rangers production, none are writing for a profit, and all are here to merely have a good time.

Your mod is azora_mysta, who can be contacted in the main post at her journal. She isn't using it for anything else. :P
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